Driving tours

Half day - Back roads, Kutna Hora, Terezin, Karlstejn, Pilsen brewery

Full day - Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Trebic, Telc

Full day EXTRA - Wien, Dresden, Munich

HALF DAY - 160 € (4200 CZK) per ride, approximately 5 hours

  • Back roads - My Best-Seller since 2004.
    This tour will take you to places, where regular tourists never go. Little villages, sleepy towns, lake resorts, collective farms, medieval castles, etc. But you will also see ordinary everyday people, places where they go to work and where for fun.
    Only this tour will show you Czechia as a real living country. Not just a tourist attraction. The MUST for real explores!
    This tour can include: Kutna Hora, Karlstejn or Konopiste.

  • Kutna Hora
    The most interesting town around Prague. Once the richest town of the Czech Kingdom - thanks to its silver mines and mints.
    Known for the charnel house (chandeliers, candlesticks, crosses - all made of human bones!).
    The Gothic Church of St. BARBARA (the 14th cent.) Accessible silver mines from the 15th cent.

  • Terezin
    Former military stronghold, later Jewish holding camp.
    Used for Nazi propaganda. Place of suffering of innocent people including political prisoners.
    Great documents of the WWII in the Czech republic.
    On the way back can stop in MELNIK - lovely medieval town. A dominating Castle with impressive wine cellars. Great views.

  • Karlstejn

    A mighty castle founded in 1348 as a safe deposit for the Imperial Crown Jewels and sacred relics.

    The most frequently visited castle in the Czech Republic.

    Since this place is not extremely far from Prague, I will pay the admission for you.

  • Pilsen - Brewery

    Pilsner Urquell. The brewery excursion takes over one hour, so I recommend to do it as an independent - half day - tour.

    See the history of the most famous beer and have a real Czech lunch in the brewery restaurant.

FULL DAY - 250 € (6500 CZK) per ride, approximately 9 hours  TOP

  • Cesky Krumlov
    Tribute to the great Rosenburg family with the second largest castle in Bohemia (after Prague).
    Cesky Krumlov is probably only town in Central Europe completely preserved in the beauty of the 16th century, without any building activity since the 17th century.
    Placed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. Come see the beautiful, winding cobblestone streets, mighty castle, quiet park and great views.

  • Karlovy Vary
    An old spa town with very rich history. Nowadays back in its art deco beauty. Twelve hot springs.
    Swim in an outdoor heated pool filled with mineral water. Stroll the beautiful streets or hike trials around the town, eat in stylish restaurants or try special local waffles. Go to Karlovy Vary for relax.

  • Trebic

    Uncommon religious sights - the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Procope, the clock tower etc.

    Besides Jerusalem, the Trebic Jewish town, are the only ones included in the UNESCO list as separate.

    I recommend to visit other towns around there - Telc, Jihlava.

  • Telc
    - former royal water fortress founded in the 13th century. The town square is a unique complex of Renaissance and Baroque houses. UNESCO site.
    Since this town is 140 km from Prague, and is not any big, I recommend to visit other towns around - Trebic, Jindrichuv Hradec, Jihlava.

FULL DAY - EXTRA LONG - 380 € (9900 CZK) per round trip or per one way (door to door) tour, up to 14 hours.                    TOP

Either a round trip or a one way transport - I can do it for you.
These tours are usually taken by people traveling to those cities after Prague. So instead of hiring me for a full day tour and the next day going to their next destination on the train, they put those two activities together and save time, money and hassle (taxi - train station, boarding a train, train ride, other train station, taxi ...). With me it is like a full day driving tour combined with the door to door service.

  • Wien is about 3,5 hour drive from Prague. On the way there can stop in Telc or Trebic for an excursion. Or going first to Cesky Krumlov. Then crossing the border and through the Linz strait to Vienna.

  • Budapest - a driving tour from Prague to Budapest - am I crazy? No,  I'm George and I like driving. Follow this - 8am leaving Prague, lunchtime in Vienna, stretching legs strolling its streets. Leaving at 2pm. In Budapest after 6pm. 

  • Munich is just about the same distance as Vienna. And Pilsen with its brewery is right on the way there.

  • Dresden is even closer - about 100 minutes drive, Great for the oldest European Christmas market.


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Driving Tours

Sites listed here are just the most frequently requested, but I can take you anywhere you wish.

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All prices are per car, not per person. Include all the car, fuel and parking expenses. Maximum capacity is 4 persons.

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Prices do not include entrance fees and meals.

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Tours since 1997.:

1. Back roads / 361
2. Terezin / 243
3. Ces. Krumlov / 121 4. Kutna Hora / 218
5. Pilsen brew. / 98
6. Karlstejn / 59
7. Kar. Vary / 136
8. Treb. + Telc / 25
9. Wien / 17
10. Dresden / 19
11. Munich / 8
12. Budapest / 8