PRICE: 90 € (2200 CZK) per walk with one or two persons, each extra person 500 CZK.  Lenght about 4 hours.

History walkThis walk is exclusively just for you or your small group - no else is mixed in.

You will learn some art, history and architecture, and at the same time get a good feeling of what Prague is and was all about.
The first time visitor will see all the major sights as the Old, New, Lesser and Jewish Towns, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.
And regular visitors can enjoy more details and hidden areas.
My tours usually end up in my favorite restaurant over lunch.
The start time is up to you - I collect you from any hotel in Prague.


PRICE: 60 € (1500 CZK) per walk with one or two persons, each extra person 400 CZK. Lenght 2 hours.

Iron curtain walkDo you want to know how it was behind the Iron Curtain between 1948 and '89?
What was communism all about, what kind of music we were listening and which one was forbidden?
What people have done to make their life "bearable"?
You don't have to search for the answers in thick books - you can ask me - I lived here, in those WONDER YEARS of ours ;o)
"My grandfather was tortured to death back in 1954. As a child I remember 1968 Soviet invasion.
My cousin spent 1 year (1971) in a labor camp mining uranium. And my own brother joined the Communist Party in 1986 !!"



PRICE: 70 € (1750 CZK) per person - minimum 2 pers.
Full size dinner and all beer (or other drinks) included.

Pub crawl    1997 started as a real thrill - ten pubs, two dinners, no time limit. But I paid the price - gaining over 15 kilos!
Now (2012) is time to start again, but something more moderate. Say - three pubs, one dinner and a lot of talk.
I recommend to start at 6 PM to be done before midnight.
NOTE - I don't take you to the pubs full of tourists in the city center where is everything arranged for effect.
    With me you will explore real Czech pubs with real Czech meals, atmosphere and prices.
    Other pub crawls in Prague will treat you with small beers and sausage for dinner and take you to (so called famous) pubs, where the locals never go.



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History walk

Started back in 1998. Still my best selling walk in Prague.

Believe it or not - I was the first private guide offering such all-in-one walk. That is how I made it up to guide books as Lonely Planet or Rough Guide.



Iron curtain walk

Started also in 1998, and in those times it was a well selling tour - people were still wandering about the Velvet revolution and how it was here before.

Thanks to this tour I have met lots of interesting people - journalists, writers, politicians, NATO  soldiers including 2 generals from USA.

Pub crawl

My very first walk (since 1997).

Beside hundreds of young people looking for fun, I have met some really interesting persons. Actors, movie directors, top class bankers and managers, models etc. Simply people who are always treated as VIPs - isolated from reality. That's why they hired me to escape from it all and see the Real Prague Face.